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Clint Bolick
Goldwater Institute

Clint Bolick serves as the director of the Goldwater Institute Center for Constitutional Litigation. A legal pioneer in a number of areas, Mr. Bolick is perhaps best known for his leadership in defending state-based school choice programs. He has argued and won significant cases in both state and federal courts, winning school choice victories in the Supreme Courts of Wisconsin, Ohio, and Arizona, as well as in Zelman v. Simmons-Harris before the Supreme Court of the United States. Mr. Bolick is the author of several books, including Voucher Wars: Waging the Legal Battle Over School Choice and Leviathan: The Growth of Local Government & the Erosion of Liberty. His most recent book, David's Hammer: The Case for an Activist Judiciary, was released in April, 2007. The recipient of many honors, Mr. Bolick was named one of three Lawyers of the Year in 2003 by American Lawyer. In 2006, Bolick was the recipient of a Bradley Prize for excellence in "strengthening American democratic capitalism." His most recent book, David's Hammer, was chosen for the June 2007 Lysander Spooner Award for Advancing the Literature of Liberty.


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