The Show-Me Institute: Market Solutions for Missouri From Equity to Adequacy to Choice: Perspectives on School Finance and School Finance Litigation Conference Harry S Truman School for Public Affairs

Working Papers

(These papers are working drafts, and should not be construed as finalized academic products.)

"A Framework for Choice Remedy Litigation,"
by Clint Bolick

"What Do Cost Functions Tell Us About the Cost of an Adequate Education?"
by Robert Costrell, Eric Hanushek, and Susanna Loeb

"Hope Diminished for Children Trapped in Failing Schools: The Dismissal of Crawford v. Davy"
by Julio C. Gomez, Esq.

"Can Judges Improve Academic Achievement?"
by Jay P. Greene and Julie Trivitt

"Next Needed Steps in the Evolution of American Education Finance and Policy,"
by James W. Guthrie

"Spending Money When it is Not Clear What Works,"
by Paul T. Hill

"A New Defendant at the Table: An Overview of Missouri School Finance and Recent Litigation,"
by Michael Podgursky, James Smith, and Matthew G. Springer


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