The Show-Me Institute: Market Solutions for Missouri From Equity to Adequacy to Choice: Perspectives on School Finance and School Finance Litigation Conference Harry S Truman School for Public Affairs

Tuesday, October 30, 2007
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Reynolds Alumni Center
University of Missouri-Columbia

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Missouri adequacy trial

"Adequacy" lawsuits have been sprouting like mushrooms across the country, brought by school districts who claim that the level of educational funding they've received is not adequate for their educational needs. These districts are spending tax money to sue taxpayers! Studies show, however, that there is no significant correlation between higher spending and increased student performance. Recently, a Missouri circuit court judge struck down an adequacy suit brought against the state by 262 school districts, in a ruling that upheld the Missouri Legislature's school funding formula. Three members of the Show-Me Institute's board of directors Rex Sinquefield, Menlo Smith, and Bevis Schock acted as intervenor defendants, on their own time and with their own money. Although the school districts were defeated this time, they've said they will continue spending taxpayer money in appeals. This conference will examine both the recent adequacy lawsuit and several other perspectives on public school funding and school choice.


Participants Include:


Brady Deaton, Chancellor,
University of Missouri-Columbia

Michael Podgursky,
University of Missouri-Columbia

James Smith,
Management Analysis and Planning

Julie Trivitt,
Arkansas Tech University

Eric Hanushek,
Stanford University

Robert Costrell,
University of Arkansas

Julio C. Gomez,
Attorney at Law, Fanwood, NJ

Senator Jason Crowell,
District 27

Representative Rodney Hubbard,
District 58

Jason Grissom,
University of Missouri-Columbia

Carolyn Herrington,
University of Missouri-Columbia

Michael Middleton,
University of Missouri-Columbia

Rex Sinquefield, President,
The Show-Me Institute

Matthew Springer,
Vanderbilt University

Jay Greene,
University of Arkansas

Paul Hill,
University of Washington

Susanna Loeb,
Stanford University

James Guthrie,
Vanderbilt University

Clint Bolick,
Goldwater Institute

Senator Jeff Smith,
District 4

Representative Edward Robb,
District 24

Brad Curs,
University of Missouri-Columbia

Kevin Chavous,
Sonnenschein, Nath, and Rosenthal, LLP

Tracie Sharp,
State Policy Network


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